Mobile Future

M16s, MREs & Smartphones

Organizations of all sizes have seized on mobile technology and the mobile web to improve efficiency and communications.  But what if your business has more than half a million employees and a budget of $225 billion?

According to USA Today, we’re about to find out.  The newspaper reports that the U.S. Army “wants to issue every soldier an iPhone or Android cellphone – it could be a soldier’s choice.  And to top it off, the Army wants to pay your monthly phone bill.”

The Army is already harnessing smartphone apps to improve training and education.  Next February, it will begin issuing phones, network equipment and mobile applications under its combat modernization program.

The guiding principle is that during war, smartphones would let soldiers access real-time intelligence and video from unmanned systems overhead and provide live maps of operations.

“What we’re doing is fundamentally changing how soldiers access knowledge, information, training content and operational data,” Mike McCarthy, director of the mission command complex of Future Force Integration Directorate at Fort Bliss, told USA Today. “The day you sign on to be a soldier, you will be accessing information and knowledge in garrison and in an operational environment in a seamless manner. We’re using smart phone technologies to lead this.”