Mobile Future

Bytes: Make and Save Memories with Mobile

Earlier this month, photo storing and sharing site Flickr posted its annual year in review recap.  In it, Flickr notes that nearly half of the photos uploaded  to its service came from smartphones. A whopping 48 percent of Flickr users consider their mobile device prime for capturing memories.  One of the big reasons for the escalating adoption of mobile cameras is the range of emerging innovations that enhance photos and videos.

Lens attachments are all the rage right now. Giroptic’s  iO, is a dual-lens camera that allows you to take 360 degree photos and videos on your mobile device. Insta360 Air not only attaches to your mobile device for 360 degree content, it incorporates VR capabilities.  Users simply open the app, put on a VR headset, and they are immediately immersed in a virtual memory. Apps like VSCO offer users a suite of tools to manually edit and adjust your pics. And a new AI app called Picky Album even takes away the need for photo editing at all by automatically choosing and editing your best photos.

Whether it’s an attachable lens or an app, these awesome innovations are redefining how we are capturing those special moments.

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