Mobile Future

Mobile Apps That Can Help Save Lives

Mobile has become a constant in life, making everyday tasks easy and keeping us always connected. But more importantly, mobile connectivity is also creating tools for extraordinary acts – like saving lives. Rescue workers, hospital physicians and patients are using lifesaving mobile apps now more than ever. Here are  five apps that help us be prepared in the case of a medical emergency:

Codeblue – Depression, if left untreated, is the number one cause of suicide. The 2014 Mobileys winning app helps those in distress by immediately notifying a preset support group with the push of a button.

Medic Mobile– Connects health professionals with patients to register pregnancies, track disease outbreaks faster, keep stock of essential medicines and communicate about emergencies in real-time.

PulsePoint – Notifies CPR certified civilians if victims of cardiac arrest are in need of help are nearby.

Twiage – Securely send patient information, including videos, photos, and results, through this app.

ICEBlueButton – Store pertinent health information on your smartphone, such as what allergies you have, so it is easily accessible during an emergency.

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