Mobile Future

Mobile Couponing = Grocery Savings

For decades, shoppers scoured newspapers and inserts for coupons to help curb whopping grocery bills. Studies show 58% of shoppers still actively look for deals and promotions before going to the store.  But the days of “clip and save” are being transformed by cost-saving mobile apps. Check these apps out and you too can become a grocery coupon savant!

Cellfire: Send coupons directly to your loyalty cards. Browse through the deals that you see for a specific store and just tap on the ones that you want, and as easy as that — and it’s yours!

Grocery IQ: Save your shipping list here and this app will match the items with available coupons. You can always add items to your list by typing, scanning, or even vocally listing new items. Associated with, Grocery IQ boasts an impressive array of coupons for a range of grocery stores.

Saving Star: Earn cash back on in-store purchase at over 60,000 retail locations. You just scan your loyalty card at the grocery store during checkout to redeem offers. Savings are automatically added to your SavingStar account –AND, you can cash out to PayPal, your bank account, or gift cards when you reach $5!

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to reduce those grocery dollars, download these apps to start saving!