Mobile Future

Mobile Data Traffic Growing Faster Than Ever

Mobile Future member Ericsson released its annual Mobility Report this week, delving into key figures and statistics about our increasingly networked society.

Ericsson shares that mobile data consumption is continuing to explode, predicting a tenfold increase in the next five years. What does that mean? In North America, where data usage is the highest, users will consume an average of 22GB of mobile data per month.

How will we deal with this incredible rise in mobile traffic?  One of the most important factors will be the transition to 5G networks, although full-scale deployment is not expected until the year 2020.  Ericsson’s report emphasizes the requirements for 5G, including addressing global spectrum needs, to ensure swift, ubiquitous deployment.

Here are more great stats showcasing where mobility is heading over the next five years:

  • By 2021, there will be 28 billion connected devices, 16 billion coming from Internet of Things devices
  • 1.5 billion of those IoT devices will have cellular subscriptions, up from 400 million at the end of 2015
  • 70% of mobile data traffic will be from video
  • There could be over 150 million 5G subscriptions globally

To read the full Ericsson report, click here.