Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on FCC Spectrum Items

Today, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules for the broadcast spectrum incentive auction and addressed issues regarding mobile spectrum holdings. Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter responded, stating:

“With sharply increasing consumer wireless usage and data consumption, it is critical to move forward to repurpose spectrum to meet this demand and advance continued opportunities for mobile innovation and wireless consumers.

“Our nation’s mobile future hinges on the success of the ground-breaking broadcast incentive auction to free airwaves from legacy inefficient uses and repurpose them for mobile broadband consumers. This process has the potential to make significantly more spectrum available to all wireless consumers, while affording a range of business opportunities to broadcasters. To ensure success, this auction must encourage and support broad participation from both broadcasters and wireless network operators.

“The Commission should not be subsidizing well-funded companies who are more than capable of competing without special favors or privileges from the U.S. government or American taxpayers. Open auctions have proven time and again to be the most successful policy approach for the American people.

“We appreciate the Commission’s recognition today that more spectrum that is usable and available for mobile should be counted in the spectrum screen to ensure fair and healthy competition in the wireless sector.  This is a significant improvement over the Commission’s existing approach and will allow for the continued growth of a dynamic secondary market in this vital national resource.”

To read the full statement, click here.