Mobile Future

Mobile Future Weighs in at FCC on Open Internet

Today, Mobile Future filed comments at the FCC on the adoption of new open Internet rules.

With the U.S. wireless sector one of the most dynamic and innovative arenas in the world, Mobile Future reminded the Commission that American consumers are benefiting from an environment that has spurred billions of dollars in investment, countless new products and services and vast new opportunities across the nation’s economy.

The comments point to mobile broadband’s unique technical and operational challenges, which cannot be addressed using a one-size-fits-all approach. They also urge the Commission to avoid reclassifying mobile broadband service to include a “telecommunications service component” subject to Title II. Not only would reclassification fail to address the concerns expressed by its advocates, but the hyper-regulatory approach of Title II would hamper investment and stall innovation, all to the detriment of American consumers.

To read Mobile Future’s comments, click here.