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Mobile Futurepreneur Webinar Series

Calling all mobile entrepreneurs! Our monthly webinar series provides mobile innovators with real-world advice on a variety of topics ranging from fundraising, marketing, adding structure, and creating a business culture. The presenters include tech leaders, financial and marketing experts, and fellow entrepreneurs that all have great advice and tips to share. Listed below are some of our upcoming webinars along with the link to register.  Interested in learning more about our Mobile Futurepreneur webinar series? Click here:

How to Build a Culture of Innovation
Wednesday, October 26 at 1 PM (ET)
This free webinar will share tips to help you create an environment where growth is spurred from within – a culture where employees are encouraged to share new ideas and to work together to bring new ideas and solutions to market. Register

Past webinars:

Developer Dilemma: Hire, contract or a mashup?
Thursday, August 11 at 1 PM (ET)
You cannot have a mobile app without a developer, but should you hire an employee or a contractor? This free webinar discusses the pros and cons to help you decide what best meets your needs and budget. Register

Crowdfunding: What you need to know
Thursday, September 15 at 1 PM (ET)
From regular crowdfunding to equity crowdfunding (and the variations in between), this free webinar looks into crowdfunding and provides the insight to help you decide if, and how, crowdfunding should be part of your fundraising plan. Register

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