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Mobile Future’s Funding Survey

Startups are disrupting industries, solving social challenges and changing how we live. Yet, startup success data points to a tale of two mostly distinct outcomes: some startups are beating the odds, while others are struggling to make their mark.

  • The top three reasons start-ups succeed are: good timing, great idea and the right team. (
  • The big wins are increasingly more common and bigger. The number of companies valued at over $1billion has tripled from 43 to 146 since January of 2014 to March of 2016. (WSJ)
  • A downward trend in venture capital investments is adding more ambiguity to the startup journey. The last quarter of 2015 saw VC investments drop from $38.7 billion in Q3 to $27.2 billion in Q4, with talk of a technology bubble increasing as we move further into 2016. (KPMG, Venture Pulse)

Mobile Future’s new funding survey will provide insights to help startups get over the fundraising hurdles. Results of Mobile Future’s Funding Survey will be compiled to help founders benefit from the collective wisdom of the startup community. If you participate, you’ll get a chance to have your startup featured in the Mobile Future Funding Survey results launching this spring. Take the 2-minute survey.