Mobile Future

Mobile Innovation for Good

Mobile innovation continues to push the envelope enabling smartphone users to be more productive, interactive and resourceful. The most meaningful innovations and developments are those which allow people to lend a helping hand and facilitate acts of kindness. Be My Eyes is a smartphone app that does just that. It allows you to volunteer to help those who are blind and visually impaired.  Similar to popular ride sharing apps, once you have signed up as a volunteer, blind or visually impaired people in your immediate area can request your assistance. You then have the option to accept or pass on the request depending on your availability.  Other apps are lending a hand through encourage users to donate money to different non-profits. Instead encourages users to forgo small superfluous purchases, like a morning coffee, and instead (hence the name) donate the money to one of the app’s many non-profit partners.  Users can also challenge their friends to cut back on small unnecessary indulgences and give the money saved to a good cause.  The app shows how non-profits can utilize mobile devices and social networks to help raise money.

Instead and Be My Eyes show how mobile connectivity is expanding philanthropy’s informational, organizational, and locational barriers to make altruism routine.

Do you have an app or product that is a creative game-changer and uses mobile in innovative ways to impact some aspect of our lives?  Enter into our 2015 Mobiley’s annual national competition! The applications open July 20. Learn more here.