Mobile Future

Mobile is Changing Food Production and Availability

Agricultural tech is a growing sector of the economy and in just the first half of this year, AgTech start-ups reached $2.06 billion, just short of the amount raised in all of 2014. With connected devices and the Internet of Things, farmers are producing food on a larger scale with more efficiently and at a cheaper cost. Devices can do a range of things including analysis of crops, pest control, and draught control. Farming is simpler, less time consuming, and more affordable.

These IoT technologies are easily transferrable to be used in inner cities, a common area for food deserts, which are urban neighborhoods (and sometimes, rural towns) where it is difficult to by affordable or quality fresh food. In the U.S., 23.5 million people live in these areas, but that is starting to change with the help of mobile connectivity.  Farmers are using IoT to water plants and adjust greenhouse temperatures daily. Using similar techniques, crops and gardens can now be monitored from a smartphone so that they can be easily grown in homes or local community centers.  The mobile future is bright!