Mobile Future

Mobile is Getting You Election Ready

Look no further than your smartphone this coming election year to keep you informed with the latest news and information surrounding the presidential election and candidates.

This year the Newspaper Association of America found that 50% of the digital audience for newspapers use only mobile devices to access their newspaper digital content.

In addition, Pew Internet found that registered voters of both parties are equally likely to use their phones to keep up with election news, and voters of all ages are more likely to use their mobile devices for political and election news than was the case during the 2010 midterms.

A recent New York Times article recommends a number of apps to keep you politically up to date and informed. Social apps like Brigade help you connect with others to discuss opinions on various political issues. Other apps like the US Constitution app give you constitution analyses and interpretations and the White House app keeps you clued in to the latest presidential happenings.

To learn more about these apps, click here.