Mobile Future

Mobile Is Revolutionizing The Restaurant Industry

Food lovers rejoice. Acclaimed chef and founder of the iconic Momofuku in NYC, David Chang, announced his next venture—Ando. The food and the chef aren’t the only reasons why Ando is making headlines. It’s the concept.

Research indicates that 52% of U.S. consumers would like to use their mobile device to order their food with a whopping 74% of millennials interested in doing so.

Ando will be a delivery-ONLY food service in which diners can order their food through their mobile devices, which will then be delivered using the UberRush service. Ando joins Maple in NYC, which has a similar concept that eliminates restaurant employees and relies more on its bike couriers. Maple boasts that they serve 800 meals per hour. For reference, the current gold standard for fast service is Chipotle—which serves only 300 meals per hour.

The takeout and delivery market in itself is a $70 billion market in the United States. Given the fact that we use our mobile devices for almost anything and everything—it is no surprise that this venture will not be the last of its kind in the restaurant business. It wasn’t too long ago when consumers were wary of purchasing items on their smartphones at all —not to mention buying their meals! There are now dozens of mobile apps helping hungry eaters get their food delivered fast.

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