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Mobile Moment: Why Open Spectrum Auctions Matter

In the latest Mobile Moment video, Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter and Compass Lexecon’s Jonathan Orszag discuss the potential impact on taxpayers and wireless users from limiting participation in upcoming government spectrum auctions. Mr. Orszag explains that even partial exclusion in the FCC’s upcoming spectrum auction could result in billions of dollars in lost revenue.

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Mobile Moment: What a Spectrum Crunch Means For You

What’s the impact of a spectrum crunch on consumers? To help answer this question we asked wireless network expert Peter Rysavy. As he explains in the video below, consumers certainly feel the effect of running out of wireless network capacity. Just as we experience in traffic on roadways, congestion means everything slows down and can ultimately stop entirely. On our wireless devices, this means consumers face slowed and even failed applications and websites. With wireless consumer demand forecasted to exhaust current spectrum capacity by 2016, Peter underscores the importance of keeping our networks from reaching this congestion level.

Mobile Moment: Turning Point in Mobile

With consumers increasingly choosing smartphones and tablets over personal computers, more and more attention is being paid to mobile. This is evident in the world of design and dev as Brad Huber, a web developer, explains to the Mobile Future team. Not only has mobile become much more pervasive in the last couple of years, but according to Brad, “it’s not going to slow down, at all.”

Brad also discusses the importance of connectivity for apps, especially those based on real-time data.

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Mobile Moment: The Role of 4G in our Wireless World

We recently caught up with Peter Rysavy, a wireless network expert, to learn more about the role of 4G LTE technologies in our increasingly wireless world.  Advanced wireless networks provide consumers with amazing computer power in the palm of their hand, but as Peter notes, only certain radio frequencies can be used for 4G LTE and these frequencies are increasingly being used at maximum capacity.

According to Peter, “In today’s best, most efficient wireless networks, only a small handful of people in fact can consume the entire capacity of that cell. Just three Netflix users streaming in high-definition will completely consume the capacity of an LTE 4G radio channel. Fortunately, not everybody is streaming Netflix but people are streaming music, they are watching videos, they are engaged in education… all of those items add up. We are in a situation today where all that activity is beginning to consume the entire capacity of these networks.”

To support wireless users and ever-more innovative applications, Peter explains why it’s so important for more spectrum to be made available for commercial use.

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