Mobile Future

Mobile Sports Streaming, It’s A Slam-dunk.

The NBA just announced a new feature of its League Pass streaming service:  Mobile View. The smartphone-focused feature aims to make mobile streaming more attractive to basketball fans. Since widescreen shots of basketball courts often don’t translate well to phone screens, the NBA is dedicating a separate camera to make sure users get close ups of fast breaks and three-pointers. .

This move highlights the growing shift away from watching games on TVs and laptops, towards embracing mobile devices as the primary screen. The NBA says that 70% of its streamed games are accessed on mobile devices. And more sports organizations are recognizing mobile streaming is a fan favorite. Twitter just recently won the rights to stream the NFL’s Thursday games, the first of which got over 2 million views. Even sports commentary teams are joining in, with Twitter debuting two live NBA shows that integrate Twitter chat.

Professional sports have always been ahead of the curve in embracing tech innovation, so their focus on mobile audiences is no surprise.  While the number of Americans with with cable is dwindling, the nearly 2 billion people with smartphones globally keeps growing. Since sports fans live all over the world – most with smartphones in their pocket – maximizing user experience is a slam-dunk!

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