Mobile Future

Mobile Apps Galore

Last week, the award for “Best Mobile App” at the Mashable Awards went to the creators of, the mobile app that helps drivers be safe on the road by reading aloud e-mails and text messages.  Competition in the category was tough, as many Mashable readers also voted in favor of the mobile apps eBuddy, Evernote, ScoutMob and Gravity.

As innovation in the app market continues to flourish, consumers are reaping the benefits of the amazing new technologies available at their fingertips and are greatly enjoying having an app for almost anything.

Navigating through the app store for your particular smartphone in search of the perfect app can be time-consuming, and to help guide consumers in their quest Bob Tedeschi has identified “How to Dig Through the Avalanche in App Marts” in the NYTimes.

Tedeschi comments on the expansive app market, stating:

     “Apps have carried the smartphone revolution, and this year will most likely bring a wave of new mobile software that will make last year’s supply look like a ripple.”