Mobile Future

Mobile Apps in the Fast Lane

Which of the following is true about a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder:

 (a) It’s named after a Spanish breed of fighting bull.

(b) It goes 0 to 125 mph in 14.3 seconds.

(c) An eBay user bought one this year using a mobile app.

 Actually, it’s “D” – all of the above.

 The mobile app point is one of the more interesting facts from a recent Business Week article on the surge in mobile commerce at eBay. Last year, the business saw about $600 million in commerce done through its mobile app. In 2010, the company projects this to more than double to $1.5 billion.

 The prime mover for the company’s mobile growth is the increase in smartphones and tablets. Also, eBay’s mobile apps (the company has 14 of them) are more than just a driver of commerce. As Business Week puts it:

 “The bottom line: Mobile commerce is booming and still fragmented, so eBay is rapidly introducing shopping apps to stay ahead of Amazon, its main U.S. rival.”