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Mobile Devices Help Users Score Big During March Madness

The conference tournaments are over, Selection Sunday has come and gone, and friends (and foes) across the country are preparing their brackets for March Madness. Whether you are a basketball buff trained in the arts of “bracketology” or simply like to pit mascot against mascot to decide who will be the next national champion, mobile devices are making it easier than ever to follow games, scores, and updates throughout the NCAA tournament. has a user-friendly mobile website where you can customize alerts, track scores, and find out about all of the options available for maximizing usage of your mobile device during this exciting season. Additionally, the website easily redirects you to pages that allow you to download applications to your Blackberry, iPhone, and more.

So while your mobile device may be unable to formulate that witty retort you need should your championship pick go down in the first round, its real-time capabilities can deter you from making an uninformed comment after the fact (or perhaps from leaving your house, if it’s really bad…). Let the games begin!