Mobile Future

Mobile Future files reply comments to FCC about the benefits of wireless broadband

With increased focus on
spurring broadband adoption in the U.S., Mobile Future filed reply
comments today in the FCC’s proceeding to develop a national broadband plan.

Already, millions of
consumers use wireless broadband to connect to the Internet and this will only
continue to grow with continued investment and the development of new
applications for wireless devices.  

In the fourth quarter of 2008,
approximately 20% of newly purchased mobile devices in North America were "smart phones" capable of running
broadband applications. In fact, a recent study shows that
increased use of mobile broadband correlates with increased overall use of
broadband, including the use of traditional wireline broadband.  Clearly, wireless technology can be a key component to bridging "the digital
divide" and expanding the benefits of broadband to all Americans.

In the comments,
Mobile Future urges the Commission to remember
the important role mobility can play in transforming our lives. From ensuring public safety and
homeland security to healthcare delivery and energy independence and efficiency,
wireless technology must be a key element in any plan to achieve
the nation’s broadband goals

You can read in more detail about
Mobile Future’s initial filing here and read our reply comments