Mobile Future

Mobile Future Releases New White Paper on Wireless Competition

Today, Mobile Future released a report entitled “Mobile Momentum: How Consumer-Driven Competition Shapes & Defines the Modern U.S. Wireless Landscape,” offering an overview of 10 key ways competition and choice are driving mobile innovation and making the case for the bipartisan policy framework that has long defined U.S. wireless policy.

The paper points specifically to the 1993 bipartisan, pro-innovation Congressional decision that embraced consumer choice over heavy regulation and triggered 10 seminal benchmarks that advance the U.S. mobile ecosystem to this day:

  • Most Diverse Carrier Choices
  • Lowest Mobile Voice Prices
  • Nearly 100% Adoption
  • Most Robust Network Investment
  • Rapidly Rising Mobile Connectivity
  • Accelerating Mobile Innovation
  • Most Competitive Device Market
  • Largest Apps Market
  • Customer-responsive Marketplace
  • Powerful Engine of Job Creation

To read the full report, click here.