Mobile Future

Mobile Future Releases Spectrum: Fueling the Mobile Future Video

Our nation has an extraordinary appetite for wireless products, data, and services across a dizzying array of applications and devices. The massive growth of internet mobility, however, is quickly exceeding the available wireless spectrum, the invisible infrastructure that powers the mobile ecosystem. 

We at Mobile Future have outlined the serious impacts sharply increasing data consumption will have on networks if additional wireless spectrum is not made available soon in this Spectrum: Fueling the Mobile Future Video.

Key highlights from the video include:

  • By 2012, more than half of all new phones purchased will be smartphones.
  • A smartphone uses 24x more spectrum than a feature phone. An iPad uses 120x more.
  • By 2014, 70% of all consumer electronics will be wirelessly connected to the Internet.
  • If we don’t allocate more spectrum for mobile, our nation’s appetite for wireless will out-strip capacity as early as 2014.

To watch the video, go here.