Mobile Future

Mobile Jobs: App To It!

Several articles out this weekend show how the drive for better mobile apps is generating job opportunities across the country.  As Joe Light writes in The Wall Street Journal:

     “Times are good for Web- and mobile-application developers.  The number of online listings containing the keywords ‘HTML5,’ ‘Mobile app,’ and ‘Android,’ have skyrocketed over the past year, making them the fastest growing keywords in jobs posted online, according to data tracked by jobs search engine”

Also in The Journal today, Amir Efrati writes about Google’s mobile app hiring spree:

     “Google Inc. plans to hire dozens of software developers to create applications for smartphones and other mobile devices….  The Internet company has begun recruiting software engineers, product managers, user-interface experts and others who have ideas for mobile apps….”

Finally, over at CNN, Mark Millan describes the job implications as Google ramps up its tablet efforts.  The company recently posted an updated version of its app development kit for the upcoming Android 3.0 operating system.  Sometimes called Honeycomb, this is is the first version specifically geared toward tablet computers.

According to the article, developers are scrambling to get their apps ready in time for some high-profile tablet launches by Motorola and Samsung later this year.