Mobile Future

Mobile Phones Show Class

Here’s a
headline that caught our eye this

Teachers begin using cell
phones for class lessons

According to the
AP, high schools across Florida are embracing mobile technology as
part of the learning process.  As Ariana Leonard, a Spanish teacher at a public
school near Tampa put it, students’ mobile phones are such
an important part of their lives that classroom use is like "giving them another
avenue to learn outside of the

The instruction
typically centers around text messaging and use of phone’s browsers.

The reason is
pretty straightforward: Among teenagers, 71 percent have cell phones, according
to a 2008 survey by the Pew Internet & American
Life Project. Importantly, that figure remains generally
constant regardless of race, income or other demographic factors.

Not that this should be
particularly surprising.  Schools are increasingly embracing mobile technology
for a variety of educational and safety concerns.