Mobile Rx Gains Momentum

January 20, 2011

The idea of combining healthcare and mobile technology to create better and less costly health service continues gaining speed.  And why not?  As we noted earlier this year, a majority of U.S. physicians already use a tablet or smartphone in their work.

Mike Snider at USA Today picked up on this mobile healthcare (or, mHealth) revolution in a recent story and the innovation he documents is eye-opening:

     “Cellphones have already proven to be a potent medical instrument in improving patient outcomes. Diabetes patients who are sent videos on their cellphones and actually view them   are more likely to check blood sugar levels and comply with their care regimens, said U.S. Army Col. Ron Poropatich….  And wounded veterans sent text messages via cellphone have better follow-up treatment routines and feel more connected to caregivers, said Poropatich.”

Other examples of mHealth innovations include:

  • A touch-screen wireless real-time video system allowing homebound parents to stay connected online with only a touch-screen — no mouse or keyboard required. Think of the implications for seniors or the disabled!
  • A wireless system offering automated fall and wander detection and medical monitoring.  You wear a wristwatch that tracks your location, sends out fall alerts and records your body temperature and pulse.
  • Data tracking monitors for athletes to record and track workout progress using free mobile apps.

Welcome to the mobile future!