Mobile Future

A Mobile-social Congress is a good thing…

New ways to communicate with our friends and family via wireless is exploding.  This mobile social convergence is also affecting our lawmakers as they also look to participate in ways that they never imagined!  As we know, mobile provides an opportunity for lawmakers to connect with consitutents via video or with other social networking tools (twitter, facebook, qik, utterz).

Representative John "Congressman Qik" Culberson (Texas) is in a league of his own and we highlighted his efforts to show Americans what he does in Washington.  Unfortunately, those efforts were not appreciated by one of his colleagues (who is focused on videos).  Accordingly, a debate is taking place on Capitol Hill on how lawmakers can use these new tools and what kind of Congressional oversight should accompany the use of those tools. 

On that note, Ms. Pelosi seems headed in the right direction.  She represents a tech-savy district and utilizes different social communications herself.  At a time when Congressional approval is at an all-time low, these tools give lawmakers a real-time way to communicate with folks and provide an open window into Congress.  Fighting this mobile-social revolution is not the answer and I am optimistic that Ms. Pelosi will modernize the rules governing "franking" which is at the heart of the debate. 

Updating the rules so lawmakers can communicate with new media as they do with traditional old media is a good thing and we applaud Mr. Culberson for starting the conversation.  As an active mobile user, Mr. Culberson cares about these wireless technologies and our ability to communicate with them in real-time – a true compassionate conservative!