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Mobile Technology Rocking the Vote

In an election where one-fifth of eligible voters are younger than 30, getting this demographic to vote could be the deciding factor in the November election. In 2004, the youth came out in record numbers, defying the stereotype that “The young don’t care. They’re disengaged. They’re too wrapped up in their music, their favorite sports and their parties to take an interest in politics.” However, these historic numbers are still lower than other demographics – something that Rock the Vote hopes to change as they strive to register 2 million young voters in time for this year’s election. In order to meet this goal, which is double last year’s numbers, Rock the Vote has teamed up with AT&T to reach Generation Text –technology savvy young voters. To join Rock the Vote Mobile, text ‘VOTE’ to RTVOTE (788683) to receive the latest election updates and giveaways. Executive director of Rock the Vote, Heather Smith, says, "We know the best way to engage this increasingly active generation is through personal outreach, and wireless phones are intensely personal for young people. For that reason, our mobile partnership with AT&T will be critical to Rock the Vote’s efforts to register 2 million young voters in 2008 and get them to the polls on Election Day." AT&T wireless president and CEO, Ralph de la Vega, says, “The AT&T and Rock the Vote campaign will engage young people where they are through a device that nearly never leaves their hands and encourage them to actively participate in the democratic process.” Mobile technology is clearly playing a large role in this year’s election, as millions waited to receive Obama’s much anticipated VP pick via text message. And, it will likely bring about a record-breaking number of youths casting ballots in November. And P.S. – it’s not too late to register – visit Rock the Vote.