Mobile Future

Mobile video for your morning commute

With your mobile phone, you can take care of banking, pay for parking, board a plane and stream old Saved by the Bell episodes. (OK, three out of four ain’t bad.)

Until recently at least, conventional wisdom held that short and light content would be most popular on the mobile screen.  But consumer tastes have a way of confounding conventional wisdom, at least according to an interesting article in MediaWatch.  

According to Nielsen figures, longer drama programs are turning out to be the most popular mobile videos.  That includes CSI, Heroes, and Lipstick Jungle.  In a nod to the mobile lifestyle, CBS is also making viewing easier by dividing shows into shorter streams – a typical CSI episode has six or seven individual streams that allow viewers to pick up exactly where they left off earlier in the day.

Nielsen estimates that only about five percent of mobile users access video.  But when you look at how quickly other apps like banking are taking off, it won’t be long before CSI overtakes crosswords as the most popular pastime during the morning commute.