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Mobile Week in Review: Top 10 Articles in Wireless 2/28-3/4

There was a lot of wireless news this week. To help you stay on top of the trends, Mobile Future shares our top 10 must-read articles from the past week.

Think mobile payments are still a thing of the future? Think again. Square is already processing more than $1 million in payments per day.

– SFGate

The new iPad 2 is arriving to stores on March 11. It’s faster, thinner, lighter, and is equipped with two cameras instead of one.

– Gizmodo

Crazy, fan-made Windows Phone 7 commercial showcases capabilities and takes techno love to a new level. – MobileCrunch

Nintendo announced a partnership with Netflix and AT&T to offer its customers movies, a 3D video channel, and thousands of mobile hotspots. – Business Insider SAI

Android takes the lead in the U.S smartphone market share, with iPhone and Blackberry battling close behind.

– IntoMobile

Predictions of smartphone and tablet apps purchase revenues will reach $38 billion by the year 2015. – NY Times

Random House Publishing to sell their eBooks in Apple’s iBookstore – just in time for the release of the new iPad 2. – AppleInsider

Windows Phone 7 are now offering over 9,000 applications, surpassing Palm’s webOS and quickly approaching RIM. – MobileCrunch

Are we wired for mobile learning? This infographic says so.

– Alltop

New cookie tracking mobile application help users find out where the nearest Girl Scout cookie sales are happening on any given day. – Bluhalo