Mobile Future

“Mom… Are we there yet?”

With the school year winding down and temperatures heating up, it’s clear that summer is upon us. And for many Americans, the coming months are among the most popular for travel. Whether you’re “stay-cationing” close to home or planning an international adventure, mobile applications in conjunction with popular travel guides are making it easier than ever to plan the perfect getaway.

As discussed in an article by the Associated Press , publishers are moving more and more content online and working to develop a greater number of applications to provide travelers with a more tailored on-the-go experience.

For example, Eyewitness Travel Guides publisher Dorling Kindersley recently launched a user-centric site  that allows visitors to create their own guidebooks and download them free of charge. Popular location-based applications—like maps, suggested points of interest, and restaurant recommendations and reviews—continue to orient travelers frequenting new locations.

Unsurprisingly, such services have gained the most traction among domestic travelers, as many Americans are reluctant to abandon their guidebooks overseas only to be hit with increased roaming charges. Nevertheless, if your flight to Norway is rerouted thanks to that pesky volcano and you end up in St. Tropez, your smartphone can ensure you still have the vacation of your dreams (starting by directing you to the nearest retail center so you’re not stuck sporting a cold-weather wardrobe…).