Bytes: Mommy, Daddy, & Me Time With Mobile

January 17, 2017

Mobile tech offers countless ways for parents to interact with, and care for their children. You use tech to manage just about everything, so why not tap into mobility to help enrich parenting? Check out these great, new innovations that are creating buzz.

Newly released services such as Amazon’s Rapids and Apple’s iBook Storytime have hit the market. These mobile amenities let parents and children use their smartphones and TVs for an interactive reading experience. Rapids, in particular, boasts a unique chat-style story in which characters write messages to each other. Meanwhile, two software companies are working to help parents keep their kids safe online. Bark and Circle Go allow parents to filter certain websites and apps, limit screen time, and stay in-the-know about how their kids are spending their time.

And a new tech startup is tackling one of the hardest parts of being a parent: Being away from your child. Parihug is a connected stuffed bear that allows owners to send hugs to each other. If your child hugs the Pari, that hug’s duration and intensity will be translated into a vibration in your own bear or Fitbit. While Parihug knows that physical contact is irreplaceable, they hope their bears will let you and your child feel closer when you are apart.

Whether you’re far away from home, worried about your loved ones, or looking for a good story to cuddle up with, these innovations offer new, smart, solutions!

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