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MOTO’s Comeback!

It was not too long ago that the hottest phone on the market was the Motorola RAZR.  As you may recall, it was very difficult to get your hands on one.  I remember how hard it was to get a pink one for my girlfriend when they launched that version around Valentine’s Day (2006).  In any case, those were the good old days at Moto and since that time the company has struggled to capture the hearts and minds of consumers.  They’re back!

Yesterday, at MOBILIZE, Motorola announced their comeback phone — The Cliq.  The Cliq looks to ride the wave of the mobile-social revolution and is even marketing itself as "The First Phone With Social Skills."  The Cliq looks to provide users with all of their various updates in a single stream (without logins to the various networks).  Check-out the video below and you can get a feel for Moto’s new device!