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Move over, Pokemon Go. Destress With These Apps!

Yes we love Pokemon Go and Candy Crush but what about apps that help you distress, mediate, and get rid of the stress in the middle of the week?

The amount of apps that are out there to help boost our productivity are endless. So choosing which one is right for you sometimes is tough. Bloomberg consulted with top fitness experts and health professionals to get you the best exercise apps straight from the source.

Here are some mentioned:

–       Sworkit: Mobile Future member, Sworkit was mentioned in the Bloomberg article as the class the app that gives you personalized video workouts based on how much time you want to allot. Extra bonus: connect with your Spotify account to make your at-home workout a breeze.

–       Cody: Who says you need to step out the door and head to the gym anymore? This great app provides you with fitness videos that help you attain certain goals. Personal-trainer approved, this app allows you to get the right guidance from an experienced coach.

–       Buddhify: A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. This meditation app is a go to for those living in the city and always on the go.  From work, to the gym, and heading to bed—this app covers all your medidation needs.

Here’s to a better quality of life with the help of our mobile devices! To learn more, click here.