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Moviefone Mobile…

Summer is here in full swing and that means some hot new blockbusters are here!  One way to keep up with what is playing at the box office when you are on the go is with moviefone.

Moviefone is packed with information regarding the lastest flicks.  It has news, clips, and even a blog!  Moviefone also offers a mobile website that is quick and user-friendly.  Moviefone Mobile can be accessed by going through your web browser or you can download the application directly to your device (feature only available for Sprint consumers).  I connect to moviefone mobile via browser and have my favorite theater saved to easily access showtimes near me.  You can also easily enter other locations by zipcode (and get directions) when you are not in your neighborhood.  An additional function Moviefone Mobile offers is a brief synopsis of the movie you have selected.

Check out Moviefone Mobile, bookmark it, and never worry about missing a movie when your on the move!