Mobile Future

Moving Forward with IoT

An article today in the Washington Post highlights the incredible ways the Internet of Things is revolutionizing our day to day lives and discusses the hurdles that IoT has to overcome before we all can live truly “connected.”

Article author Larry Downes gives examples like a new mattress from Sleep Number, showcased earlier this year, that has built in sensors that gather important data to help you decipher what is necessary for you to get that much needed shut eye before the next day. But it’s not just smart beds.

The Internet of Everything has many industries revisiting their products with the hope of making them smarter. As Jim Kohlenberger, a Mobile Future advisor who is mentioned in the piece, foreshadows: the average U.S. home today has only five connected devices but may have as many as 500 smart devices by the end of the decade.

With over a trillion things to be connected to the Internet over the next few years,  continued investment in 4G LTE networks, new innovative products and the race to 5G is critical for consumers across the nation – and the globe.

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