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Mr. Scoble comes to Washington…

In the tech community, Robert Scoble is a titan.  Accordingly, there was a great deal of buzz online about his trip to DC this week.

Scoble who many credit as successfully changing public perception about Microsoft (remember "Evil Empire") is currently Managing Director for Fast  Mr. Scoble is also known as "Scobleizer" online and his blog (by the same name) is a favorite destination for many techies.  

In any case, Scoble decided to follow the advice of Andrew Feinberg (tech blogger) who opined a few months ago that many policymakers in DC were disconnected from the tech community and that a more concerted effort to enlighten the folks who make the laws needed to occur.  Accordingly, Scoble arrived this week where he had a few meetings on Capitol Hill and it culminated with a party last night which I attended (with about 200 other people).

I met Scoble nearly two years ago at a VON conference and I am glad that Scobleizer took the time to come to DC.  His enthusiasm for "bright shiny objects" is second to none.  Accordingly, it is extremely important for those who are passionate about tech (not politics) to discuss what is on the horizon and how future decisions in the regulatory arena can affect our future.  This is a cause I have been committed to since starting mobile diner and joining mobile future’s efforts in February.

Consumers depend on their wireless devices and the rules being made will impact everyone.  This isn’t the 80’s when you had to work on Wall Street to own one (channel Michael Douglas).  Today everyone can participate and we hope you’ll stay tuned to our efforts.

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