Mobile Future

My welcome to Mobile Future

As I approach the end of my second week as the new executive director for Mobile Future, I just want to take a minute to introduce myself. I’ve followed the communications industry for many years working for the House Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill and the telecom and cable associations.

With so much of how we communicate changing, this is a pretty amazing time to work in this sector. From my previous gigs though, it always looked like the wireless folks were having way too much fun. Their devices could take pictures, play music, show movies  — and they could do it anywhere.  

When I told people I was coming to Mobile Future, I was amazed at how quickly my friends would whip out their wireless devices to not just tell me, but show me how much they loved them. I recently spent one afternoon with a friend who waited nine hours in line to get his new iPhone and he couldn’t stop talking about how great it was.

Another friend loves his wireless phone so much he insisted I use it as a GPS for a drive we had made plenty of times.

Surprisingly, my past jobs never got quite the same reaction…