Mobile Future

New and Improved: Mobile Gaming Today

There are 147 million mobile phone gamers in the United States and by 2019, that number is predicted to grow to 209 million.  Gaming companies understand the importance of providing games to their fan base via mobile, especially as global mobile revenue will surpass console game revenues this year for the first time ever. Mobile games are predicted to generate $30.3 billion worldwide by the end 2015.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo, the world’s largest video game company, says that it will be introducing its first smartphone game by the end of this year.  Nintendo aims to have five mobile games out by 2017 and is partnering with Japanese mobile game company DeNA to create these new apps. Yes, you read that right. That means Mario, Luigi, Princess Zelda, and Link could all soon be coming to your smartphone.

And it’s not just serious mobile gamers who love the convenience of playing on their smartphones. Research shows that players of all ages download and play mobile games monthly in the United States. Mobile games have attracted gamers who prefer to play easier games with less commitment.

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