Mobile Future

Infographic: A More Mobile Union

Today, we released our new infographic, “A More Mobile Union.” For the past eight years, we have constantly seen how wireless investment spurs innovation in every aspect of mobile– from the bourgeoning app economy to continued infrastructure rollout to emoji usage. In 2009, we didn’t use hashtags, Instagram, Snapchat or emojis. Much has changed given that today we consume mobile data to the tune of over 9 trillion megabytes of per year. That’s the equivalent of streaming 18 billion hours of video!

That’s not all. The mobile future looks brighter than ever,  especially when we take a deeper look at the race to 5G and compare it to where we were a short eight years ago. In 2009, 4G was just in its infancy. With wireless providers actively testing 5G to garner speeds at around 100 Mbps, we hope that policymakers, entrepreneurs and wireless companies continue to foster an ecosystem that calls for increased innovation on all fronts.