Mobile Future

NEW MOBILE FUTURE REPORT- Mobilizing America: Accelerating Next Generation Wireless Opportunities

This afternoon, Mobile Future released a new report, written by advisory board member, Jim Kohlenberger, titled, “Mobilizing America: Accelerating Next Generation Wireless Opportunities Everywhere.” The paper explores the power and promise of 5G technology and puts forward a comprehensive strategy to “Mobilize America” in order to ensure continued U.S. global leadership in the next generation wireless revolution. Although exact technologies that will enable 5G have yet to be defined, the report outlines the characteristics expected for the next generation of wireless.

The report further illustrates the need to begin charting a path toward a winning future by thinking about 5G wireless innovation today. While 5G networks are unlikely to be deployed until the end of the decade at the earliest, the paper stresses that the global race to lead the world in this next wireless frontier is already well underway. By taking a forward-looking regulatory approach and swift action, the U.S. can continue to lead the world in developing 5G. In order to have a brighter mobile broadband future, a comprehensive national strategy to mobilize America and ensure U.S. leadership is necessary.

As mobile broadband becomes the predominant communications platform of our time, and serves as the global backbone expanding Internet of Things, the next wireless revolution will need to be about more than blazing fast speeds.

To read the report, click here.