New Study: Consumers Can’t Get Enough Mobile Screen Time

May 26, 2016

Deloitte recently released a report on wireless consumer trends worldwide looking into consumer behaviors, trends and opinions regarding mobile and connected devices.  The report is chockfull of statistics that all point to one thing: consumers can’t function without their smartphones.

Almost all mobile consumers check their phone within three hours of waking up in the morning, with 93% of users in emerging markets swiping to open just an hour or less after waking up.  It doesn’t stop with the morning refresh either. Our smartphones stick to us throughout the day, with mobile consumers reportedly checking their phones over 80 billion times a day globally. On average, that is about 40 times a day per person!  Mobile devices are integrated into our lives more than ever, allowing us to utilize a variety of different productivity apps.

Also impressive is the fact that worldwide, 4G is proving to provide a better and faster experience than Wi-Fi is according to consumers. With device ownership continuously increasing for global consumers, it is interesting to consider what our future will look like with advanced technologies like 5G. In our ever-connected world, one thing is for sure– our smartphones are indispensable.

To read the entire Global Mobile Consumer Trends Report, click here.