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New Tech: More Battery Life For Your Smartphone

An article in Mashable this week finds that the battery life on your smartphone may double in the next year thanks to new technology. What does that mean? Well, more time to do your favorite things on your smartphone without stressing about it losing its charge. Our smartphones have a variety of different functions and give us access to a variety of different apps, so who would say no to a better functioning battery? We wouldn’t!

The developers of the new battery, SolidEnergy Systems, explain that this new kind of battery uses lithium-metal foil instead of graphite, which powers most of the smartphones on the market today. The new batteries are also safer and rechargeable.

The new batteries should be available for wearable usage and smartphones in 2017. Even better? Connected cars are next on the list. The company expects the batteries to be available for smart vehicles by 2018.

Let’s raise our smartphones to this one! To learn more, click here.