Mobile Future

New technology alert! Group Calling over Mobile

Mobile innovation is constantly bending and adapting to the will of the billions of consumers who want new ways to connect. Demand continues to skyrocket as wireless services and technology find new ways to help us in everyday life.  The latest problem solved?  Group calling anywhere, anytime.

Forget having to connect to wifi to make a group call with your friends and family.  Now you can group call anyone over your standard mobile connection with new app, Meucci.  Move over Whatsapp, Viber and Google Hangouts!

Named for the Antonio Meucci, whom some consider the original inventor of the telephone (his invention was published in 1871, five years before Thomas Edison sent his own patent papers in), you can group call anyone from anywhere using your mobile plan.  The caller needs to have the app installed to invite everyone to the call.  If other participants have the app as well, they are connected as a VoIP call, using their device’s data plan (or if they’re on wifi, incur no charges at all).  What if a participant doesn’t have the app?  Don’t worry, it still works – you’re charged as a standard phone call instead of using the Internet.  This hybrid technology approach allows people to contact with a group of friends or loved ones regardless of the type of mobile plan used.

What will wireless startups come up with next?  We’re excited to find out what’s in store for the mobile future.

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