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Bytes: New Year, New Me

Every year folks -resolve to make improvements in the new year. Whether it’s getting in shape, saving more money, or generally being more productive, people want to enter the new year better than they left the last one. As the year starts and life gets in the way, however, it can be tough to stay committed. This year, let mobile hold you accountable for your resolutions with these apps:

StickK: How serious are you about accomplishing your goals? No matter the goal, the StickK app uses money to motivate your progress. You sign a commitment contract with yourself to ensure you follow through with your intentions. You commit a certain amount to a goal, and if you achieve it, you get money. If not, you give the money to someone or a charity.

Mint: If one of your main resolutions is to slow down on the spending and save more, then the Mint app is for you. You can connect your debit and credit cards to the app and set budgets to see exactly how you are spending your money. Spending is graphically displayed on a chart so you can track your purchases.

Forest: Stay away from your phone with the Forest app. If you plan to get more work done by staying off your phone, the Forest app provides a simple and creative way to help you stay productive. . Simply choose sites or apps that you do not want to visit, and set an amount of time you want them restricted. The app has a tree growing during the restricted time, and, when time is up, e the tree is fully grown. If you fail to stay off your phone, the tree withers and the clock is restarted.

Stay committed to your goals with the help of mobile!