Mobile Future

New Must-Have Apps

“The Mobile Revolution has spawned the ‘apps economy,’” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated at last month’s Spectrum Summit.  Thanks to the explosive growth of innovation technology in the apps market, consumers can choose from over 250,000 applications that accomplish everything from saving time to keeping you healthy.

To help sort through the expansive iPhone App Store, Bob Tedeschi has identified the “Top 10 Must-Have Apps for the iPhone, and Some Runners-Up” and “The Best Free Apps for the iPhone” in the NYTimes.

Tedeschi qualifies his list, stating:

     To make my Top 10, an app must deliver an experience you couldn’t find on your computer — something, in other words, that exemplifies the smartphone at its best.

Among the featured apps: a personal digital assistant, a guide to the constellations and a faster way to identify songs- even by humming.