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New Poll shows consumers oppose Internet regs

A national survey released today found that an overwhelming number of American voters believe the Internet is working well and a clear majority don’t think the government should even consider regulating the Internet.

From Politico’s Morning Tech:

MEANWHILE, POLL SHOWS OPPOSITION TO INTERNET REGS – A survey commissioned by Broadband for America, to be released this morning, shows 75 percent of respondents believe the Internet is currently working well, and 55 percent think the federal government should not regulate the Internet at all. Of the 31 percent who thought the government should regulate, more than two-thirds said the regulation should be focused on privacy, online safety and protecting children. Fun fact: Out of the 800 people surveyed, 36 percent said they voted for McCain in the 2008 presidential election, and 44 percent said they voted for Obama.

With record numbers of Americans going online to look for jobs, gain access to health care resources, and find educational opportunities, the Internet is a key tool to increase the quality of life for Americans—and users clearly recognize its importance.