Mobile Future

New report on employment and economic impacts from proposed Net Neutrality regs

A new report by economist Coleman Bazelon at The Brattle Group and sponsored by Mobile Future takes an empirical look at the potential impact proposed Network Neutrality regulations could have on jobs in the broadband sector and jobs growth in the U.S. The paper, “The Employment and Economic Impacts of Net Neutrality Regulation: An Empirical Analysis” makes several key findings including:

  • Revenue growth in the broadband sector could slow by about one-sixth over the next decade;
  • Broadband sector jobs lost could be expected to total 14,217 in 2011, growing to 342,065 jobs by 2020;
  • Economy-wide, 65,404 jobs could be put in jeopardy in 2011, with the total economy-wide impact growing to 1,452,943 jobs affected by 2020.

These numbers are particularly troubling to innovators in the mobile space which is expected to experience the most broadband growth over the next decade.

To learn more, you can read a press release that summarizes the paper’s findings here or download the full whitepaper here.