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2012 Mobile Year in Review

Mobile Future’s Animated Video Reveals Rapid Growth in Wireless Usage, Device Adoption, Faster Networks

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mobile Future today released the “2012 Mobile Year in Review,” a video that takes a rapid-fire tour of the blistering evolution and demand for wireless connectivity in an eventful 2012. The video highlights unprecedented social media engagement; fast growing demand for and adoption of smarter mobile devices; and the surge of faster mobile networks with accelerated connections.

“From mobile social networking to leading-edge devices and faster service, the 2012 mobile marketplace is a true model of success in today’s innovation economy,” said Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter. “After another year of profound progress, we can say with confidence our mobile future guarantees greater possibility and unlimited potential.”

Key 2012 highlights include:

Unprecedented social media mobile engagement

  • Mobile data usage literally DOUBLED in 2012.
  • At 31 MILLION TWEETS the 2012 Presidential Election was the most Tweeted event in history.  And SIX in TEN Americans now want the right to vote – via wireless.
  • 10 MILLION PHOTOS were shared on Instagram during Thanksgiving 2012 – peaking at 226 pictures per second
  • OVER 50 PERCENT of all mobile data was video, and consumers watched 9.3 BILLION mobile videos in the U.S. alone

Rapid growth of smarter mobile devices

  • MORE THAN HALF of AMERICANS now own smartphones, and there are MORE THAN 1 BILLION smartphones globally.
  • Apple SOLD MORE MOBILE DEVICES in 2012 than it sold computers ever.
  • iPhone 5 sales alone could single-handedly move the entire $15 TRILLION         U.S. ECONOMY by up to half a percent.

Surge of faster mobile networks with accelerated connections

  • North America leads the world in next-generation mobile and is home to 69 PERCENT of the world’s LTE subscribers.


The 2012 Mobile Year-in-Review videocan be viewed at


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