Mobile Future

Going Mobile: North Carolina’s Future in Wireless Technology

–Local Tech Wire Hosts Forum to Discuss Wireless Innovations on the Horizon–

(Raleigh, NC) – Today, Mobile Future, a broad-based coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals dedicated to encouraging innovations in wireless, sponsored a forum hosted by Local Tech Wire. The forum explored innovative wireless applications being developed in North Carolina and the dramatic growth of mobile technologies nationwide.

Moderated by Mobile Future chairman, Jonathan Spalter, the forum featured panelists from an array of wireless-related fields discussing important advances in mobile solutions. Panelists pointed to products and services on the horizon in North Carolina which are enhancing consumer experience, promoting job creation and fueling economic growth.

State Representative Ty Harrell opened the forum with remarks on how wireless is shaping North Carolina’s entrepreneurial opportunities. "No other state across the South has been as successful as North Carolina in creating a climate that attracts jobs and businesses for the future. We know that today we need to build a first-rate communications system," said Representative Harrell. "Job growth and expansion increasingly depend on high-speed Internet access and easy communication–whether the person you need to reach is in Charlotte or Greensboro or Los Angeles."

Jonathan Spalter discussed the future of achievable advances in wireless applications: "We have become a mobile society," said Spalter, "And the full potential of wireless is yet to be realized–there is virtually no cap to how we can apply mobile solutions in our lives and businesses. The fact is, North Carolina is setting the standard for mobile technology and job growth by maintaining a forward-looking regulatory environment which encourages continued investment, growth and innovation in the wireless space."

Other forum panelists included some of North Carolina’s most forward thinking business executives discussing wireless technology deployments in public safety, communications, digital consumer entertainment products, and other related areas:

Matt MacPherson, director of marketing at Cisco Systems, discussed Cisco’s collaboration with Clearwire to develop the next generation "4G" network. He spoke also of their work in making high-speed wireless networks in the home a reality. Cisco is the world’s largest networking gear maker with a campus in Research Triangle Park.

Tom Ribble, director of ThinkPad product marketing for Lenovo, discussed the unveiling of Lenovo’s line of high-speed, wireless "netbook" computers. Lenovo has its worldwide headquarters in Morrisville, NC.

Sam Matheny, general manager of News Over Wireless, discussed how Raleigh-based News Over Wireless is impacting the media market through innovations in mobile broadcasting for stations across the United States.

Hiram "Art" Contreras, advisory board member for Mobile Future, is a veteran law enforcement officer for the City of Houston. He discussed how law enforcement is using mobile technologies to make our communities safer.


Mobile Future is a broad-based coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in and dedicated to fostering an environment in which innovations in wireless technology and services are enabled and encouraged. Our mission is to educate the public and key decision makers on innovations in the wireless industry that have transformed the way Americans work and play and to advocate continued investment in wireless technologies.

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