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INFOGRAPHIC: The FCC’s Own Data Shows Competition in the U.S. Wireless Market is Real and Effective

(Washington, DC) – On the heels of the Federal Communications Commission’s 16th Annual Mobile Competition Report, the latest installment in Mobile Future’s infographic series, “The United States of Wireless,” uses the data from the report to showcase the competition which shapes the wireless sector in the United States. The FCC’s own report decidedly places American wireless at the forefront of innovation and investment worldwide, delivering robust networks and the most powerful devices to American consumers.

“In its latest competition report, the FCC offered a blizzard of compelling facts, statistics and data showing that the future is indeed bright for the American wireless sector. The report spells out clearly that innovative wireless companies of every size and scope are actively competing for every customer, developing an astounding array of cutting edge products, and making historic levels of investments to expand our nation’s next-generation networks, as more and more American citizens and businesses are choosing to transition to mobile technologies and services,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “In the face of overwhelming data, it is hard to understand how the FCC could come to any conclusion other than the U.S. wireless market is effectively, dynamically and unequivocally competitive.”

Consumers’ nearly insatiable demand for advanced features and faster speeds has fostered a highly competitive environment for mobile users. Key facts highlighted in the infographic include:

  • 34% of Americans are now wireless-only
  • 23 different manufacturers offer consumers the option of buying one of 266 wireless handsets
  • Nine of ten Americans can choose from at least three mobile broadband providers
  • In 2013, 16 providers will offer 4G LTE service
  • In 2011, Wireless carriers invested $23 billion in wireless networks

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