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Infographic: Wireless Consumers Pay Taxes Nearly Two and a Half Times the General Tax Rate

With Wireless Driving the U.S. Economy, Tax Policies Shouldn’t Stand In Way

(Washington, DC) – With Americans filing their federal income taxes today, Mobile Future asks and answers a question relevant to the nation’s mobile users: Wireless Taxes, How Much Are We Paying? The infographic shines the spotlight on the fact that U.S. mobile consumers pay nearly two and a half times the general tax rate for their much-cherished mobile service. Wireless taxes have exploded over the past 10 years, with consumers paying an average rate of 17.2% on their monthly bills.  In fact, both tanning, at 10%, and beer, at 9.2%, are taxed at lower rates than wireless.

The infographic calls for tax policies that are consistent with maintaining mobile technology’s role as an important driver in the U.S. economy.

Key facts about wireless taxes highlighted in the infographic include:

  • Over the last 10 years, wireless taxes grew approximately four times faster than general sales taxes.
  • Wireless users are taxed at an average rate of 17.2%, while general goods are taxed at just 7.3%.
  • If mobile services were taxed like general goods, American wireless consumers would save $15 billion in taxes each year.

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